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Media Toolkit Final Project

…tell me about pilgrimages from Jill Pullara on Vimeo.

…tell me about pilgrimages by Jillian Pullara
One of the classes I had to take to graduate this semester was Media Toolkit, a class where we learned photoshop basics, audacity basics, and final cut basics. Throughout the course I had to figure out ideas to create projects around. This was my final project that used photos, audio editing, and final cut. It’ss, essentially, my love letter to New York City…

…as a note, the quote is from Ayn Rand’s book The Fountainhead. I am not a fan of Rand’s philosophies, but that quote perfectly sums up the love I have for this city.

6:00 am

An MOS short for class.
Original footage was definitely better, but it all got corrupted. Which is frustrating. So frustrating. So, yeah, very studenty, very rushed. But I wanted to focus on the sound design primarily anyway, and that I’m most proud of.

Another Aviation


Aviation! (The Re-Reshoot) from Jill Pullara on Vimeo.

Sometimes you just have to refilm stuff. That’s the thing, right? You could be happy the first time because you stumbled on some sort of happy accident, and so you refilm it to fix the things that were problems because even though the accident was good, you didn’t expect it to happen and so didn’t plan on the things that now don’t fit. Like a very modern looking lemon juicer in a silent-movie-ish short.

Then you do it again and don’t like it, even though you fixed the problems and it’s technically better. So you do it again. It may still lack that charm, and nothing can recapture that, but you decide you may like this version the best. Or not. Who knows.

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